September 10, 2019

Tips on Navigating the Latest Beauty Trends

It seems like every year there is an overabundance of new beauty regimens to learn about. Technology and science are forever moving forward and even effects things like the length of your lashes or plumpness of your lips. These advances may seem intimidating or reserved for the rich famous. In reality, even the newest and beauty enthusiast can utilize these contemporary fads.

Lash Lifts

From thickening mascaras to lash extensions, there have been loads of products that promise to give you those movie star lashes. But the newest trend in eyelash care may give you the gorgeous sculpting you crave from the minute you roll out of bed- with just one 45-minute session! Keratin lash lift Suffolk County NY is like a “perm for your lashes”. Keratin, a protein found in skin, hair, and nails, is used in a lash-enhancing serum to strengthen your follicles and fill in the gaps, giving you a volume and length boost for up to 8-12 weeks.


Sick of constantly shaping and maintaining your brow structure? Microblading may be your saving grace. Like a less permanent kind of tattoo, microblading can give you flawless form and thickness that lasts for 1-3 years. A certified technician shapes your eyebrows to perfection, helps you decide on color, and then etches each hairline into the superficial most layer of your skin by hand using ultra-fine needles. This technique yields an incredibly natural and realistic look, perfect for people with thinned or over-tweezed brows or those just looking to update their beauty routine.

Custom Skin Care

Beauticians and dermatologists are quickly realizing that the over-the-products used to enrich the look and feel of your skin often fall short. The solution may lie in custom skincare. Many well-known and trusted brands are beginning to provide personal skincare products based on your history, photos of your skin, and individual goals for your complexion. No two people’s skin tone or texture is the same and this beauty trend is as unique as you are.

While the world of beauty may seem intimidating, these modern trends are actually very accessible. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, ask your local aesthetician what new fashion is right for you.

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