September 12, 2019

5 Signs Your Home Is Settling, Shifting, or Sinking

You probably know that when you build a home, there can be a great deal of earth that gets shifted around to support the new structure. What you probably don’t know is that the earth under your home has settled many times over the years, and it will continue to settle in even more layers. As each layer sinks or shifts, the weight of your home allows pressure to move your home back onto the settling soil. When the newest layer has difficulty supporting your home’s weight, problems can occur. Here are five signs your home is settling, shifting, or sinking.

1. Doors or Windows No Longer Open

As a home settles and the foundation moves into another layers, problems can develop when opening windows or doors. If your house is off-kilter even 1/2 of an inch, the doors and windows may not open at all.

2. Cracks Appear Over Door Frames

A crack snaking from the top of your door toward the ceiling can be evidence of a shifting house, and an unsupported door frame.

3. Foundation or Slab Cracks Appear

It doesn’t take an earthquake to make foundation cracks Tulsa OK appear. If the ground sinks in one section below your home, the slab must follow, and cracks or fissures can be the result.

4. Floors Begin to Slant or Become Uneven

When the ground sinks or settles enough to cause your floors to slant or buckle, your house may have a serious foundation issue.

5. Gaps Develop Between Walls and Windows or Floors

As a home shifts, gaps can appear in sections that were once tight and secure. A gap between a window and the wall, between the wall and floor, or door and floor is often an indication that your home needs expert help.

If you experience any of the signs listed above, call for a home inspection to document the problem. Then contact a professional about helping your home get back on an even level again.

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