March 12, 2014

The Psychological Influence of the Police Uniform

The Psychological Influence of the Police Uniform
A police uniform is an instant visual indication of the law enforcement field. It immediately signifies an officer's status and authority, and it encourages people to behave properly. Law officials purchase the components of their uniforms through a uniform warehouse and online sites such as Blauer.

There have been studies to prove the instant respect the police uniform evokes in others. When a police officer in civilian clothing asked passer-byes to pick up litter or move back from a bus stop, few people listened. Once the officer put their uniform on, citizens consistently obeyed the requests. They found the people continued to behave in a proper fashion even after the officer left the scene.

Another study placed a uniformed officer at a busy corner. It was noted that fewer citizens performed common traffic violations while the uniformed officer was present. This was without having a badge or weapon displayed. It goes to show how very powerful the psychological influence of the police uniform really is.
Police uniforms are used to make law enforcement officers visible and identify them as having authority. Citizens expect those in uniform to be able to take charge in any situation. They will also want that person to be observant. The main job of a police uniform is to give any citizen a sense of comfort and security. At the same time, the uniform instills a feeling of distress in the criminal mind.

It appears that a person's reaction to a uniformed officer is an unconscious one. People naturally restrain their bad behaviors and become more cooperative in the presence of a police uniform.

Sociologists say that when people first meet, they immediately scan each other's clothing as a way to access them. Clothing plays a big role in first impressions. It indicates one's social status, sex, occupation, and authority.

Police uniforms do all this and more. It certifies that the officer is legitimate. It is also a symbol of authority. It can even suppress one's individuality. When an officer puts on their uniform, others have a stereotypical belief that the officer is reliable, competent, professional, and intelligent.

Depending on an average citizen's background, they respond to the uniform in many ways. Responses can range from respect and pride to anger and fear. Uniformed law enforcement gives criminals a clear message that they are serious.

The uniform is a safety device for law enforcement. In some situations, an officer could draw their weapons on a plain clothes person who is holding a gun. An officer without their uniform could be mistaken as a criminal very easily. A police uniform allows other law enforcers to identify them as having a legitimate reason for being armed.

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