March 10, 2014

A Gift for Myself

Who would agree with me that sometimes in life we need to reward ourselves? I think most of you do it as well. After a very long, tiring hard work just to earn a living I guess we need to give ourselves a break. Right? Just recently I bought a designer bag for the first time, I know it's quite expensive but what comes to mind is I need to reward myself. Yeah I got it and I feel so happy and motivated to work that I was able to buy such. 

Anyway. speaking of bags, I also found these burlap gift bags so cute as wedding souvenirs for my friend who's getting married months from now. It would be natural and elegant bags, though it's kinda 'rugged elegance but it would be so perfect for their western themed wedding. Isn't it an eco-friendly statement?
Burlap Plant bag natural

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