March 5, 2014

Buying a Car and Your Right

Are you living in New York or planning to move to this state? Are you planning to buy a new car soon or thinking of getting a used car?  Know your rights, know how you are protected by the law, and save yourself from experiencing the sourness of being preyed in a fraudulent transaction.

Over the years car-related cases amassed in the New York State.  People grudged having purchased defective cars.  Many resent for having spent so much on repairs and maintenance.  With this, the state passed the Lemon Law to protect New Yorkers from cheats and inconveniences.

The Lemon Law though is only valid for non-motorcycles, non-off-road cars costing not less than $1500.  The car should be for personal use only and does not exceed 100,000 in mileage.  Also, the seller should not be a private party, but should be a person or corporate selling since 12 months ago of at least 3 units.

Basic thing for New Yorkers when buying new or used cars is to know the history of the car, determine the mileage, and seek for warranty.  If the company refuses to release the latter then the transaction is more likely to be deceptive.  Should the person or the company does otherwise it is beneficial to get the car an extended warranty as quite a number of damages are not included.  Transmission and engine problems among other potential critical vehicle issues should be taken into account.

Settlement of lemon issues can be done between transacting entities, however when cases become disconcerting, buyers could always get a lawyer and bring their case to court.  The period of prescription for this lawsuit is 4 years.

So, when in New York, get yourself acquainted with the NYS law and know your rights.

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