June 21, 2013

Bronzing Made Perfect

You are looking for a gift for a loved one or a coworker and don't know where to start. Having an item personalized can be expensive if you don't know what to look for or what that person may want. Personalized items are a wonderful when you choose the right gift. Bronzing an item is a perfect way to express to a friend just a how important they are.

Since 1993, The Bronzery has opened many doors for individuals to have that special keepsake item last longer. Keepsakes are so important to each individual whether it's your first born child or your graduation day. These items are a description of your timeline and The Bronzery will make them last a lifetime wherever you travel.
Bronzing Made Perfect
At The Bronzery, you will expect to find the best quality bronze shoes for an adult that may have a pair of shoes that mean something to that relative or friend. The Bronzery customizes shoes, slippers and cleats for adults and children. They also take specialty items such as baseballs and mitts and other sports related items that have a great deal of sentiment. Graduation diplomas, certificates from an important work promotion and special awards from school can also be a bronzed item in your home. Pet collars for that special dog or cat and hats, boots and helmets of our proud and brave military veterans, firefighters and police officers can also be bronzed and mounted for a memorable gift or centerpiece.

Baby memorabilia is also a special category. For individuals who want their child's shoes in a special area of their home, you might choose to have them bronzed and mounted. The Bronzery specializes in how to bronze baby shoes and smaller items such as your baby's first pacifier. They offer 3d casting and flat casting of your little one's hand and/or foot. Your pet is also part of your family and that is why The Bronzery has a special and unique way of allowing you to express your love and respect for your furry family member. From bronzed collars to paw prints in a delicate plaque, you can forever have that beautiful friend be with you all the time.

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