December 15, 2011

Water and Current Crisis

After the unforgettable heartbreaking news that happened and experienced here in our city that was brought by the Typhoon Sendong (Washi), another calamity arises: the Water and Current crisis!

It would be so okay if current (electricity) will be off rather than having no water at all. Our water provider’s reservoir was being hit by the typhoon and it was totally damage and that’s the major cause of having a water crisis here in the whole city of Cagayan de Oro. They say that it will be fixed within a month, but hey we can’t live without the water.

You can see lines of pails, gallons and drums along the highway just to wait for the fire truck to arrive. Good for those households who have their own water pumps/coolant pump because their time will not be wasted just to wait for the free water to come. Whew! Too bad commercial water prices are now starting to increase. Hope to have our water supply by next week.

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