December 3, 2011

On Transit Christmas Gifts...

That pic above? Not exactly! Actually that is just one of my fave collections from michael kors watches that I saw online. I really like it because it's so chic, classic as well as luxurious to look at. But hey, as of now I'll just wait for the watch that my sister sent to me last week, aside from the fact that the cost is quite expensive~ my budget is already allotted to some stuffs other than this. :) Actually, so happy to know that I have a watch on the box as one of my Christmas gifts that are now on transit together with my BB phone. Whew! So blessed to have a sister like her because she never failed to send us some presents every now and then especially during seasons like these. :)

Thanks much sistah. Luv yah....

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Jona said...

Lovely watch! Malay mo, Phebs it's the same watch in transit, hehe :D

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