February 15, 2011

Our LOVE Day Celebration

Well, hubby won't allow to be left behind as the world celebrates valentines day to profess hiss love to me publicly. Actually, he is fond of doing it before he met me. What he did was, he brought hose basket full of balloons in the office personally and handed it to me. The bouquet of flowers were given by him also personally last week during my 30th birthday. That's how he profess his love publicly~ he wanted the whole world to know how he really love me.
he brought all these stuffs personally in the office

Anyway, he fetched me after office hours and we went out for a simple dinner date. Yay! I'm so blessed to have a sweet, loving and thoughtful hubby like him. Thank you Lord for my husband!

How about you, how did you celebrate your Valentines Day yesterday?

Happy LOVE Day to all and be blessed!