February 15, 2011

Swimming Good For Pregnant Women

Swimming is a wonderful way for pregnant women to exercise, and it's generally considered very safe. It is also a great exercise because it uses both large muscle groups (arms and legs). Though low-impact, it provides good cardiovascular benefits and allows expectant women to feel weightless despite the extra pounds added by pregnancy. It also poses a very low risk of injury. This is what I want to do now that I'm on my 6 months already this time. I need to devote more of my time slowly in order for me to deliver my second baby through normal delivery. Hope so!

Now, hubby and I were planning to go to my Aunt's place since she has her own pool so that we can do it privately and it would be much safer for my case. But it would be nice if she has an exercise spa as of today since I just read it that it provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the entire family. Actually it is an endless lap swimming pool and hydrotherapy exercise machine in one. Whether you're exercising, training, teaching your kids how to swim, or relaxing in the hydrotherapy seats, the AFS (Aquatic Fitness Systems) accommodates all your aquatic needs. This can be installed as an in-ground continuous swimming pool. Cool huh? Hope our Tita can buy it the soonest.

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