February 15, 2011

Updates on Our House Renovation

Until now, we're still in the process of going to the Pag-Ibig Fund for follow-ups on what to do next for our house renovation loan. I guess we have to pay first for the 24 months amortization of our acquired asset loan that was just approved last November last year before we can proceed to the housing renovation.

Well, we still have a big hope that by the end of this year 2011 we will be able to transfer to our new home. Planning here and there is what we are for now. My daughter is so excited for her new chosen design of her bedroom plus the furniture's that she wanted to use. She can't really wait for the time to come that she will sleep alone in her new bedroom. Anyway, so much for that we have now a design of our new home~ a zen type modern house. We are also looking for a brick patio design for our terrace. Hope we can look a great design that would fit our cute house. :)

Hoping and praying the loan would be approved the soonest so we can now start the house renovation.


Mommy Rubz said...

Wow! That is great Love! I really admire your family. You have a very responsible and sweet husband.

Our house in Carmen is undergoing a small renovation too.

Phebie said...

yeah! I thank God for having a hubby like him. God has blessed us indeed in so many ways!

mao bah ate?nag renovate diay karon sa carmen..maau...

excited nko dri nka based kay para involve ko sa blogging activities...:)