February 12, 2011

PMOs Thanksgiving Giveaway!

Wow! It's been a long since since I haven't joined any blog contest. This time around I will not let it pass without joining it- aside from the fact that I always won the game before. Hoping I will win also this time.

Anyway, there are so many things that I am thankful for the past year until now:
  • Last year, we've decided to have our 2nd baby but sad to know that God didn't pursue it because of His own purpose. Indeed he gave us another chance to bear our 2nd child again after a month. Truly Lord you are so Great!
  • Last year, we've celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday and at the same time our 5th Wedding Anniversary last October 7, 2010.
  • Another thing would be we have also experienced to travel for the first time together with my family in Manila for a vacation galore.
Truly Lord you are so good and great in our lives!

So here are the prizes as well as the mechanics of the giveaways:

For the First Prize Winner:
$100.00 Cash!
Wordpress/Blogger Make-Over
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

For the Second Prize Winner:
$50.00 Cash!
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

For the Third Prize Winner:
$30.00 Cash!
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

Special Prize Winner: Most Number of Referred Giveaway Participants
$20.00 Cash
COM Domain + Hosting for One Year

Now, what are the mechanics?? Simple just click it HERE.

Just scroll down sponsors are here below:

If you want to join in this fabulous giveaways, please visit
Pinay Mommy Online's Thanksgiving Giveaway post.

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