January 8, 2011

On Career Exposure

Two months more to go, high school students will be hearing different career exposures from different fields on which way they will go when they enter college level. I remember those times when I was about to choose my career path, I thought of getting Accountancy course since I love to work in a bank, guess what? I ended up having a degree in business management in which I consider it as my path in which I excel most.

One of my cousins is now planning to take up engineering course since she wanted to be like his dad and she considers it also that when time comes there will be no more hassles especially if she will be on mechanical engineering internships. I hope she will be able to make it and be able to grab opportunities on her own when time comes. Just a reminder to all: always be good on your studies so that in the end you will be successful in your own chosen field.

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