January 28, 2011

Globe Launches the Most Powerful Broadband

We always hear the word "resolution" from people once the year started. We always see to it that we have a commitment to one or more personal goals, projects, or the reforming of a habits. Have you made your resolution already? Well, it's not yet too late since it's still the first month of January, 2011. :)

Here's one of of my few lists:
  1. Be More Patient- to be honest I'm struggling of being so patient since then. Well, there's a 'lil improvement compared to the previous years. But this time around I want to be much more patient.
  2. Save More- Since I have experienced how I was choked with my Credit Cards bills and payments years ago, I can now say to myself to save more and promise to be thrifty and not to be an impulsive buyer this year. I really have to save for my family's future.
Now that I'm talking about saving more and being patient at this time, I was really tested on how should I react on things that's happening in the office. Bad news! The internet connection was totally cut-off for those rank and file employees and I'm one of them. As a person who can't live without internet connection I was about to be pissed off but I tried not to of course. Well, as a solution good thing that I've heard that Globe announces their latest addition in their line mobile broadband products just couple of days ago and that is the new Globe Tattoo SuperStick.

Actually, I'm trying to use my other broadband products but it will cost me a lot- of course I need to save more this year that is why I will be using Tattoo Superstick this time. Guess what? The new internet stick acts like a modem and a router at the same time. It lets you surf the web at 3.0 mbps, faster than any mobile broadband stick. Also, like the Globe Tattoo MyFi, SuperStick can also handle connections to five WiFi devices. But unlike MyFi, SuperStick gives you more freedom and mobility since a connected WiFi device can operate up to 100 meters away.

Whew! I think I don't only need this in the office but in our home as well. So I guess, this will be my resolution # 3- To have the Globe Tattoo Superstick the soonest. :)

For more info:
This brand-new addition to Globe’s broadband portfolio, the Tattoo SuperStick comes on the heels of the Tattoo MyFi, also a portable WiFi hotspot which gives you surfing speeds of up to 2.0 mbps and a choice of 50 free hours for P 499 a month, unlimited internet for P 999 a month, or via a prepaid kit for just P 4,995.


RUBY Caberte said...

I am planning to get one for my netbook. ^_^

Mommy Levy said...

hi sis, interesting 'tong Globe tattoo... nag inquire kami sa Globe outlet nila sa Rob Ermita last Sunday, unfortunately di daw pwede i test yung broadband. Gusto sana namin lumipat if proven fast talaga sya.

crazyme said...

a modem and a wi-fi in a stick? this would be great for those who are always on the go.

Rossel said...

i will buy a netbook in two months and ito ang gusto kong gamitin. para magdown man ang network provider namin e may pan back-up ako.

A said...

I don't make resolutions because I never get to keep them anyway! :P LOL!

I have been browsing through globe's homepage and chanced upon this.. But I haven't decided if I'll get one for my lappy just yet as it is still fairly new and I have yet to read bad reviews about it.. :D I want to read the good and the bad before I decide.. :D

Unknown said...

wow yan ba yung nasa commercial yung pede ishare, thanks for this post

bambie dear said...

finally! Now i dont have to worry about being "unconnected" whenever I stay in Pinas.. may wifi stick na :) sana mabilis din sya..