January 2, 2011

Better Prepare in Advance!

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned about my cousin who just earned her degree in Bachelors of Science in Nursing last March, 2010. To make it more complete, she is currently enrolled in a famous review center in our city and just took the board exam last December. Confident enough that she will be able to make it as a certified nurse that is why she is now currently looking for discount scrub sets so as she can weigh things on where she can buy or order medical uniform lab coats that will save more money. I hope she can find a great deal on high fashion scrubs the soonest before the board results will be announced.

Anyway so much for this, we will stay pray for her success and we thank God for this in advance. In such way, she can be able to let her sisters go to school and help her family if she will be able to work as soon as possible.

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