November 28, 2010

Your Little Boy: Man Under Construction

He used to run into the kitchen wall head first when he was two. The reason you remember it is because he did it so often. He never gave up thinking that he could beat that wall. His head was dented because of it. He used to laugh at the birds and throw rocks at them too when he was six. You didn’t bother to scold him because he never once came close to hitting one. But he never gave up either. When he was twelve, he would open doors for others, especially those he saw needing help. He got the oddest looks from other people.

At age 14 he stole home plate twice. When he was in high school he took one of his best friends to the prom. She was the one no one else would ask. He did it because he had that kind of heart. His senior year he turned a center fielder’s arm into district championship when everyone else told him it wasn’t possible. That was the championship in the javelin, by the way.

You spent all those years getting him the best equipment you could afford, which was not always enough. Whether it was the Mizuno baseball glove, the Toms Shoes that suddenly became popular, or second set of Legos when you realized he ran out before he was done, you were there for him. It made a quiet difference.

Your little boy graduated from college and by then, it did not matter what his records were or his grades. He was already a champion starting the day he continually challenged the kitchen wall. That little boy is still there. He’s just in a man’s body now.

When holding your infant in your arms, remember that he is a gift that you only have for a short time. It’s your job to help him find the way there.

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