November 28, 2010

Multitasking Mom

Being a multitasking mom is difficult. There are so many things to do. The house is always messy. The beds are unmade. There are so many things left unfinished. When you are a multitasking mom, you ought to make the right decisions with your time. Firstly, you need to understand the importance of time management.

Moms who work don’t have time for themselves. When they do get time, they waste it with irrelevant things. Wasted time is a big offense for a busy mom. For example, when driving a car, a mom can listen to the news on radio. By doing this, a newspaper reading session can be avoided and precious time can be saved. Another instance is to watch television. Instead of watching television, busy moms can call up and meet their friends instead.

Multitasking moms need to be a little less harsh on themselves. Solely because by being harsh on oneself, it will only make matters more difficult. Try to be a little slow on you. Don’t worry too much about the beds being unmade, or the dishes in the sink. Leave that thought alone. Don’t be worried too much by it.

Use a smart phone to do many things at once. Use a prepaid card. Smart phones will give you the ability to connect with people, and also check mails. Not just that—one can even do banking activities on the smart phone. So the gist of the story is that smart phones are for smart, multitasking moms.

Take the help of a schedule. Agreed, schedules are slightly cumbersome and might not always turn right. But schedules give direction. For example, you can start of your day with a jog. Follow this up with turning on the television and listening to the news while you get things ready. If you have kids, then teach them to get their things done by themselves and so on.

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