November 17, 2010

My New Site

I have wanted to maintain another site of mine but sometimes laziness makes me feel of doing so. Good thing, an angel buzzed me again for the second time if I want to have another one. Of course without a second thought, I said yes. Guess what? I have it just last week and what's the real score is it's already cached/indexed by Google and of course it's wordpress host in which I like most. I hope I can update it the soonest so that I can use it the way I want it. Well, as of this time I'm still updating my other blogs so that in due time my new site will be launched.

I still have my old site that is still on free hosting and I'm considering of buying a new domain for it. Hope to update it the soonest and I'm still hoping that after giving birth my passion in writing will be back to normal. Oops! I'll just give you a little hint of my new site..."it's never too late to be fabulous'!. :)

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