November 18, 2010

Blog Advertising Store is a SCAM

I have read this review from other site and I thought of posting it here because I was once a victim of these fraudulent site.

This is about scam again. Some people already warned me about this They said that I should stay away from this site because they never pay our reviews. Even there are few group of people that claimed about getting payment from this site, but there are many more that never get paid for the reviews that they made for this site.

In the beginning, this site was using name. But later on, they changed their name into Blogadvertisingstore. But the layout of the website is still the same. Even the login code that I have is still the same one as I registered with Payingpost.

In the beginning, they said that they will hold our money until 50 US dollar. But later on, they changed their policy again. They will reserve our account until it reach 100 US dollar. I still try to follow the rule. And actually they should pay me on the first of April of 2009 since I reached 100 US dollar already in my finance account.

Guess what? They did not pay me. I tried to mail then more than five times, I got no reply at all. So I guess I can say that this is a scam site. Don’t bother to write for them anymore.

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JonaBQ said...

I was close to $100 when I found out about this from other blogs. I deleted the posts that I made for them. Tsk. these people are heartless.

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