August 4, 2010


I guess most of the people nowadays are into loans right? Except for those millionaires and billionaires of course who does not know who to spend their money at all that sometimes it is so impractical that they will make a fence out from their cars and vehicles.

Well anyway, speaking of loans, my hubby called me up last Saturday if I can be a co-maker of my SIL who will be going to Cebu for her operation. Yup, she was planning to apply for a loan to defray all her expenses for the said surgery. In my case also, I’m still planning to apply also for loan for my D&C tomorrow but I guess I just need to wait for my other maternity benefits to settle all my expenses as well.

It can’t be denied that left and right we always here from people here and there about their loans. But it doesn’t mean we have no option at all. After all we still have our God who is our great provider!

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Gary Anderson said...

In the USA, if the loans are unfair, doomed to failure because of unfair interest rates, I advocate walking away if you are able. Did you know that loan companies deliberately charge high interest on payday loans so you can default and they make more money on fees. It is a giant scam. And credit cards are charging usury these days too.