August 13, 2010

Red Plate @ Sundays

Just yesterday, as we were on our way to Church I happened to see this vehicle with a RED plate. I was just wondering why it's loitering in the street well in-fact it was Sunday. Hmmm....smells fishy in here as the vehicle turns right going to SM City (Cagayan de Oro). Well, am just calling the agency who owns this government vehicle with the plate # SFN 589 Isuzu Crosswind. I'm not so sure about the letters since it has a deflector cover, correct me if I'm wrong but pretty sure about the numbers that it's 589. I just hope that it was an official business trip going to airport or somewhere else.

I hope I will not see any government vehicle during weekends in which I always saw few of them at the malls. Calling for the Ombudsman to take action and be vigilant on these matter.

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