August 4, 2010

Incomplete Abortion

Last Monday, as I was scheduled for checked-up due to my spotting which happened last Friday night. I was so shocked of what I saw in the ultrasound screen when the radiologist told me that he haven't seen any embryo inside. I was so eager to ask him back, "how come it will happened doc?" The radiologist told me that maybe it was just dissolved in my body, what was left in their was the baby's sac. The impression was, it was an incomplete abortion.

When the time I talked to my OBGyne, he told me that the baby was not yet fully developed. I asked him again why it happened well in fact we have seen it in my first transV ultrasound that their is an embryo formed inside my gravid uterus. He just told me that if ever we were able to save the life of the baby, there would be an abnormalities in him/her. Good thing, it did just happened that way. I believe that God has a purpose why it did happened.
It's so hard for me to accept the fact because I can already felt his/her movements and even heard his/her heartbeat. Well, I still have to give thanks to God for this is his will.....

Tomorrow afternoon at 3 pm, I'm scheduled for D&C to remove the baby's sac coz until now there's no bleeding that happens. Pls pray for me guyz....

Look at my eyes....after I knew that the baby's gone already...:(

Aside from God in which I draw my strength from my situation, is the love that I got from my hubby and my lil Danielle. She always cheers me up whenever she will see me crying. :)

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