December 30, 2009

Not that Bad!

I just put the phone down from a very long conversation of a certain sales representative from a Credit Company. I was so shocked that she got my number and she told me everything that because I have an account with them, I qualified for a personal loan. She told me everything that the loan would be that fast and she can guarantee that I could loan for almost 1 million. What? Oh my I don’t want myself to be hooked with big amount of money out of loan because I don’t want to be in their list of bad credit standing.

Actually, my hubby wants to avail such because he wants to buy a new car but I opposed with his plan. I mean, second hand car would be so okay for me so that we can save more money. Well, there will be an option if we really wish to- and that would be opting for an auto loan financing. Anyway it’s not so hard on our part to apply since we are not having a bad credit auto loans so far.

Okay, we need to plan it all well enough before taking it into action because it is extremely important to plan things out!

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