December 7, 2009

Gloo: A New Way of Communicating Online

The month of December has just started and I found my schedule so busy with left and right invitations of Christmas parties. Just last week I attended two gatherings and this week and other weeks to come be ready for a fun-filled party. Whoo! We are all excited as to what to wear and all the stuffs needed for these special events. Lolz…

As part of our preparation of the upcoming parties, hubby and I agreed to have it scheduled so as not to loose track of the dates. Good that I found this new site which is an online scrapbook collaboration website, which allows users to doodle and write things on a canvas in real time. It's not a social network but a platform you can use side by side with your jobs, careers or even in managing a home. This is a great help for planning events, and also as a collaboration tool for business meetings, collaboration board for school meetings or even for organizing an event. By the way, it is more advanced than our regular social media site and it’s too way different from Sandbox or Facebook, Multiply or Twitter per se. It’s a new way of communicating online!

Want to know what it is? Subscribe now and get an all-access pass in what we called Gloo, one of the newest features offered by Globe Broadband. Well, if you want to Inquire about Gloo for answers of your queries then feel free to visit them.

My friends, churchmates and officemates are using Gloo in the preparation of our Christmas Parties...Out from our busy schedules we can be able to meet here and have a chance to see what's goin on with our preparations.Anyway, here’s a screen shot of how it looks like.

Oops! By the way I am inviting you here to chat, doodle, share notes, watch videos or move and resize things together and the catch is your friends can watch and see the changes instantly! So why wait? Come and join us now!

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Genefaith said...

thanks for inviting me to join this site...gonna check this out:)