December 11, 2008

My Little Bride

Yesterday was the big day of my closest friend since our elementary days up to now. My daughter was her little bride for the first time. I thought she would not walk down all by herself, at the back of my mind oh gosh it seems that it’s the little bride and her mom would march. *wink*

To my surprise, I was amazed that at her age of 2 year and 2 months old she will then be able to make it. I did not even guide her as she walked down the aisle all alone. I just made a wave from the altar making a sign language to come in front and be with me. Thanks God, she responded. As a mom, I am so proud that at her very young age she was able to do it by herself. Too bad, the elder kids who happened to be the flower girls were the one being guided with their moms as they march going to the altar. *lol*

As of this time she already has two bookings on her schedules. She will be then a little bride again early of next year and this coming November 2009. I can’t wait for that time to come. hahhaha


Unknown said...

cutie baby danielle and a proud mommy...kung ako rin kakabahan din ako..hehehe...

God bless!

Unknown said...

pastilan ka kikay jud ani bataa.. Liwat man jud kaayo sa inahan..

Aisha said...

Oh wow! yeah, I would be proud too. SHe is beautiful!