December 23, 2008

The Extraordinary Gift

The true essence of Christmas is all about Jesus. We have to thank Him, for sending His Son and be able to experience the gift of salvation. Of course during this Holiday Season everyone is so excited to share their blessings through their gifts to their loved ones and friends. Some may want to express their love to the loveless and hope to the hopeless. But the most important thing is to have the Best gift that we could offer to our Creator- which is thanksgiving.

It’s so hard to look for something to give to someone in which at the end they will like it. Good thing that I found a new site wherein they are offering extraordinary gifts for Christmas which is the CEIVA Digital Photo Frame. I am sure the one who could receive this kind of gift would be very happy including me of course! I guess this is one of the wish lists of every Filipino who loves to collect photos of one’s self. You could experience here a Sit on Santas Lap for real. I was so happy to see myself on the frame as if it was for real, so cute. But mind you, it really looks one because of its hi-definition display compared to any other digital photo frames.

After uploading your own photo you are entitled to one random entry for got a wish contest and be one of those lucky winner with a cash prize of $500 per winner daily. So grab it now!


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