December 1, 2008

Wish to have ONE!

These two automobiles park in our port is not ours. The yellow one is own by my parents while the other one is by my uncle who is currently staying at our house. Sigh:) Wish to have one since rainy days are here again. As of now we are using my husband's big bike and it's so hard for us if we will bring our child with us since it is not safe anymore and besides when the rain pours down, pretty sure we will all get wet. (lol) That's why I can't help but thank the Lord for the blessing that is yet to come and we will be patiently waiting for it.


Anonymous said...

Naa ko award nimo here;

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also want to have one. :D Steven taught me how to drive last weekend and it was scary but exciting!

Anonymous said...

Now what I have another tag for you and you need to do it. heheh

Lalaine said... will soon come to pass..:)

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