December 6, 2008

I Wish, I Wish!

Who says that wishes are just for the kids alone? I believe that every one of us desires and even hopes of something from someone especially this Holiday Seasons. When we say wishes, we always think of someone who we can place our supernatural demands on and have our unlimited request and that someone is no other than Santa Claus. I always remember the time when I was a kid to list our wishes for Christmas and Santa would freely give it all to us if we will just do good things this time. (LOL) Until now, my innate kid in me still hopes and desires to see Santa packing up his bags and readying his sleigh for real.

Good that I have found a site wherein I have experienced a Sit on Santa's Lap, though it’s not for real but still it looks like one because of CEIVA digital photo frame. I had so much fun uploading my Christmas photo that was taken exactly this month, a year ago. My sister and even my cousin were so amazed of the result that was so clear and vivid because of the 8” hi-definition display comparing to any other digital frames they also have an automatically receives photos by phone or even a Wi-Fi. But deep in my heart I always know that there is someone out there that is sending some good wishes to me and to us and hoping that our greatest Christmas wishes comes true!

I guess, whether your loved ones are near or far for the holidays, CEIVAshare Digital Photo Frames are the perfect gift for staying closely connected all year long. But what makes it more interesting is that you can have the chance to win the got a wish contest until December 24, 2008. There will be 1 random entry selected for each day of the contest with the cash prize of $500 per winner.

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