April 1, 2015

The Programmable Timer: It's Not Just a Fancy, Unnecessary Function for Blinds

Anyone who has studied the blinds industry over the last few years is probably fully aware of the technological developments. In other words, forget Nest and all of the other energy devices that have hit the market over recent years - the window blinds industry is inundated with inventions that can beat such products hands down.
There was once a time when motorized blinds were associated with an epic rolling of the eyebrows. After all, what person in their right mind wants to control their window treatment using a remote control or other device? The answer, at least several years ago, was either a show-off or someone with more money than sense.

However, fast-forward to the modern day and the landscape has changed. If you have the money to fund the initial installation cost, motorized blinds could be one of the best investments in technology you make. As you may have gathered from the title, we're going to specifically concentrate on the programmable timers that most of them are accompanied by nowadays.

This is arguably the biggest development in the blinds industry. While solar shades, insulated shades and all of the other different mechanisms may have taken the industry by storm and probably delivered the most sales, the motorized product with the programmable timer is the one that can make the biggest difference.
Timer switch on wall next to porch light

It doesn't matter which type of blind arms your home; as long as it’s motorized the possibilities are endless. The ability to manipulate your blinds through different portions of the day should never be underestimated, firstly from an energy efficiency perspective. While the solar solutions and other mechanisms can work wonders in this regard, even if you have just a basic blackout product it can perform even better alongside a programmable timer. It can allow optimum amounts of sunlight in through the course of the day when the home is unoccupied and ultimately, lower the reliance on synthetic heating methods.

This technology also shouldn't be forgotten from a security point of view. Most of us have firmly bought into the idea of leaving the lights on as we depart for work for the day, particular during winter, in a bid to deter would-be thieves when darkness falls. Suffice to say, if it’s obvious that the blinds have been manipulated and moved through the day, it’s a sure-fire indication to potential intruders that your home is occupied. In other words, you’re sending them away.

Already, we’re starting to see that the programmable timer is hugely powerful. Some people will still get these blinds installed for show, while others might have them for more practical reasons such as the inability to reach certain windows. However, the real power rests in the programmable timer and if you are one of those people who wants to “tech-up” their house in whatever way possible, this nifty feature could be the ideal way to achieve the above whilst satisfying several every day needs in the process.

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