April 25, 2015

Everything You Need to Know about Wooden Loft Ladders

People are always looking for innovative ways to increase the space they have in their home. One way to achieve this is by turning the attic space into a living area, such as an extra bedroom or office. The best way to reach these rooms is through a wooden loft ladder.

Types of Wooden Loft Ladders
There are a few different types of loft ladders to choose from. You could pick a stationary ladder, a fold up ladder or a sliding ladder. Choosing a wooden rather than a metal ladder has a number of benefits. Firstly, wood is far more beautiful. Additionally, it will always look right, regardless of your overall décor. Plus, if you choose a fold up or sliding ladder, it will be much less noisy.

Choosing Your Ladder
Before you choose from the different loft ladders that are available, you need to know what your space constraints are. Also, you must think about how often you will use the ladder, and whether it is a problem if it is permanently in the way. Answering these questions will help you choose the right ladder. Stationary is great and convenient, but if you only have limited space, it can get in the way. Hence, if you have to keep a walkway clear, you may want to choose another type of ladder.
This is where the extending or sliding ladder comes in. This means it is attached to the loft latch and slides down whenever you want to use it. It is a perfect space saving solution and very convenient in tight areas. Generally speaking, these ladders are very easy to use, although you do have to be able to reach them.

How to Buy a Loft Ladder
The most convenient way of buying loft ladders is through kits. There are a number of kits available in store and online, and they are great because they include all the hardware that you need as well. Do make sure you have chosen a sturdy ladder and that it can support the weight of the heaviest person in your house and then some, and that it is built to last. If you install the ladder as a DIY project, do make sure you follow all the instructions properly so that it is a safe ladder to use.

If you are upgrading or remodeling your attic space, you may want to make sure that your ladder matches your floor or overall décor. Luckily, you can choose a range of different finishes and wooden stains. You can also choose to pick laminate, which allows you for greater design options and it tends to be cheaper as well.

You can also ask a company to come and install the ladder for you, which means that the ladder will be installed safely and that you have some warranty on it as well. This can be particularly beneficial if you have already installed the floor and don’t want to damage it.

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