May 4, 2011

I LOVE Contest

The moment I became a blogger, I joined blog contests, raffles online here and there and luckily enough I always won! Since then, I really love to join such because I feel lucky or shall I say blessed of having the prizes. For these past few months, contests, raffles have expired already without me making an effort just to join even one because I’m so “lazy” since I’m not on the mood (preggy mood). :(

Just recently, hubby went home with a raffle ticket on his hand claiming that he will win the 1st prize which is a brand new car this coming June. So when I saw it, I was a bit encourage that I also buy the said ticket hoping and praying that I will win too. Well, enough for me if I will have even just one of the ipod touch 8 gb or any gadgets that will be given as a consolation prize.

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