May 20, 2011

Be Sexy: Get Your Samsung Sexy PC

If you are a techie-geek then you know that last April 28, 2011 Samsung launches its new sexiest promo in the world-wide-web (WWW) specifically the Facebook world known as the Samsung Notebook Series 9’s Sexy Street Style. If you are slim, then you are sexy as the world defined with its worldly standard just like the new Samsung Notebook Series 9 that is out in the market.

Since I wanted to have one of my own, I joined their fashionable promo. Hoping that I will have the chance of winning the said notebook from Samsung and of course want to experience wearing a designer dresses from Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala and Randy Ortiz.

Just want to share my PHOTO ENTRY to you guys:
I considered this picture of mine as one of my sexiest picture ever.
@ 9 months I'm still confident in saying that I'm still sexy with my bulging tummy...:)
please LIKE my entry:

For me, being sexy does not only defined that you've got the perfect body figure but it’s how you carry yourself with confidence! Now that I’m pregnant, I can confidently say that I’m still sexy. How much more if this lil bun inside my oven will be out next week, I would definitely shout that I’m super sexy like the Samsung Notebook Series 9!

So if you are planning to join this Fashionable Promo just follow this simple steps:
  • 1. Register on Samsung Notebook Series 9: Sexy Street Style Facebook fanpage.
  • 2. Upload a stylish photo in of yourself that defines what sexy for you is.
  • 3. Write about your personal definition of sexy.
  • 4. Ask your friends to vote for your sexy photo entry.
  • 5. Make it your profile picture in Facebook
  • 6. Sexiest photos get a chance to win either a Samsung Notebook Series 9 or a Rajo Laurel, Rhette Eala, or Randy Ortiz designer wear.
Take your time in hearing their opinions on what SEXY means to them:

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Mirage said...

Yes, I think one it sexy too! Woot! All the best to your new bundle of joy!