July 30, 2010

Baby Brother= Baby Boy!

Few weeks ago when we knew that I was conceiving, of course all of us were so happy and excited especially my lil Danielle for her baby brother’s arrival (assuming I’m conceiving a boy- *wink*). When we were about to sleep, I told my daughter that if time comes that I will deliver her baby brother I was requesting her to move into her own room since she was still sleeping with us. I told her that it’s time for her baby brother to stay with us since he needs to be well-taken cared of. She answered me with this; do I need to have a new bed? I want to have my own TV and air conditioner. Oh my!, a 3 yr old asking all of these things? Shocking! I just answered her, okay no problem! Good thing she doesn’t demand for a rustic furniture! hahaha

In a little while she paused and said, no mommy…..I want baby brother to be thrown away. I asked her why? She said I don’t want a baby brother, I want a baby boy! lol

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