July 30, 2010

Launching of aTokens.com

They have officially launched aTokens.com as Entrecard.com's sister's site.

aTokens.com is a virtual currency site similar to “Entrecard Credits” with some extra benefits. The benefits are that with aTokens.com, you can redeem your “Tokens” for cash rebates. This is something all our Entrecard users wanted in virtual currency that Entrecard does not offer. Next, you can send tokens to other members without paying any tax or transaction fee. This is another feature our Entrecarders wanted. Last, we’ve incorporated a Twitter like message system, which you can build followers and communicate with them in real time. This feature will allow you to network with others and allow you to promote your links so you can increase traffic to your site.

For more info...please take time to visit https://atokens.com and get your Get your 10 FREE tokens (limited time only). Hurry sign-up now!!!

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