July 27, 2010

On Business Cards...

Last May when we had our travel with our co-bloggers from Vis-Min, a few of our colleagues gave us their business/calling cards. Mommy Dharlz told me that we have to make and design our own cards so that by the next travel we can also give our co-bloggers with our own contacts as well. I guess it’s one way also of promoting our sites to them, right?

Well, just like in any other businesses they also wanted to create a design that would surely fit the kind of business they have. I just remember that my hubby requested me to make some print-outs of the design cards I made for their family business. Same as with my friend, she’s currently scouting online designs for travel agent business cards that she loves most. Hope I can do my hubby’s request the soonest and so as my friend.

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