March 6, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Heart Attack

One way to distress us from our long-week busy days is to be out on Fridays for food-tripping. That's why we tried the newest pizza house in town :)
A bigger pizza @ BFB (Big Flat Bread).. I'll post the biggest size by next time...

This is called the HEART ATTACK !
Heavy on the Meat...
It's sure to give your heart a happy treat!

Whew! So so YUMMY!!!


Lalaine said...

hahaa..ka joker sad sa ngalan.. ang unsa mn ang mka heart attack, ang ingredients or ang presyo?...heheh..joke..i'm excited to see the big pizza :)

Kero said...

wow. that is one seriously loaded pizza =)

my entry is here

Perfectly Blended said...

That sounds like a good name for a pizza. Just make sure it won't give me a heart attack after I pay my bills. :) Joking... :)

Genefaith said...

kurata nako oy ngano mang Heart Attack man ang entry sa Yummy Sunday...LOL! Now I know..Lamia ba ana sis oi...

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wenn said...

wow, heart attack!

moonstar said...

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