March 31, 2010

Honda Car

We just got our car from the shop just this morning, in which it took us 4 days of overhauling. Oh my! We did see the pros and cons of having it. But well, good thing it turned out t be of much weighted on the advantages side. But in our situation, we were planning to have a much bigger vehicle since we got a whole ‘lotta lovin’ family. As we were searching over the net, we were able to give an eye of this honda odyssey mini-van. What a perfect vehicle for the whole family!

By the way, Honda’s reputation is noted for their reliability and strong resale values. Of course when it comes to pricing it’s an absolute bargain when you compare it with Mercedes-Benz or BMW, this latest model starts from $26,805. It features a 244 horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 with optional cylinder deactivation technology. Before, their company was praised for its strong power, excellent handling and twin sliding doors aside from its nimble handling, strong acceleration, and refined power trained. As of now, Honda is working on their upcoming model for 2011 that would sure make its production debut. Its concept shows a sleek, a modern and fluidly compact design for the popular minivan that should put an end to complaints that the current model’s styling is too dull.

How I wish it will come to realize so soon.

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