March 4, 2010

He Got It!

After series of overtime of paper works in the office since December of last year until now, whew! I can finally say that it’s over. Just yesterday, I was able to finish my month-end reports needed by my supervisor despite the rotating brown-outs. At least now, my eyes would be so relax starting today and the coming days. Guess what? I have been wearing my prescription eyeglasses because I’m experiencing headache if I’ve been exposing too much in front of the PC.

A month ago my brother called me up that he went to see an eye specialist because he can hardly see people even if it’s in front of him because it’s getting too blurry. The doctor advice him if he could not go for a retina operation then he would opt to look for an glasses fitted for his needs. He canvassed different optical boutiques in their city but he ended up so upset because it’s too pricey. I called him up and suggested if he could visit Zenni Optical because they are offering great buys at an affordable price. Indeed, he had scouted one that would surely fit him as well as his budget!

He was so happy then to realize that there is always a place with cheap eyeglasses that are just as good as what you'll find elsewhere.

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