April 14, 2008


A month ago when I knew that Don Moen would be going here in CDO, I was so excited for the said event. Unfortunately, the tickets were sold at Php 250 & 500. Not that bad, its quite affordable but if we would go as a couple we will spend for sure 500-1000. Gosh! I’d rather not go, maybe I can use it for my other important necessities (family first).

An hour before the concert my husband got a free ticket from my dad worth 250. He texted me if I’d like to watch, I immediately replied him “yes, of course!”. I expected him to text me back to come over to the venue but there were no replies. It’s around 7:30pm, so I thought the concert did start already. I was so quite disappointed that it was only my hubby who got see Don Moen (huhuhu) in person. As a mom, I let my baby ate her dinner, took her to bath, then prepared the room for her sleep cause I presumed that I can’t go there. To my surprised at around 8pm my husband texted me to come over since Don Moen was not yet around, so I immediately went to the venue. At last, I could sing together with His wonderful songs and hear his golden voice and his handsome face. As I arrived, guess what? We seated at the Php500 worth ticket seats. Thanks God for certain friends.

Though I missed maybe 5 songs for the reason I was a bit late, but still I really enjoyed that night- just praising & worshipping the Lord. The place was filled with the Holy Spirit and indeed He was really an anointed Praise and Worship Leader. A splendid revival tour to remember!

I took all those pictures above, it was awesome to see him in person so talented- a great musician indeed! (April 12, 2008 , 7:30pm @ Pelaez Sports Center)

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