December 8, 2019

Why KanMend Policy?

People nowadays are getting literate when it comes to having insurances for themselves and their love-ones. Long before, having a life insurance policy is considered as "wants', but not, it is a necessity.

In my case, me and my hubby have our own life policies but sad to say I failed to pay for my premium for almost 2 years now. What I did was, I just get an accident insurance for my whole family that is renewable yearly that if being offered in our company.

Since we do got our accident insurance already, I decided to get the KanMend policy. I just wanted to be safe than sorry after all of not having one for this. Well, am not praying that I got one of those covered illnesses being offered by them , but, I just want to be ready when time comes. We do not know what lies ahead of us!

Why buy? 

With KanMend's what you get:


Buy KanMend today and get 6 months’ unlimited KonsultaMD telemedicine 

  • 24/7 access to licensed Filipino doctors 
  • Unlimited medical advice, anytime, anywhere 
  • This reward will be active 20 days after your policy is issued. 
Visit KonsultaMD for more info. This KanMend policy is a protection product and does not contain any savings or investment components. This policy provides critical illness benefit or surrender benefit (if this policy has a cash value).

So what are you waiting for? Shop now at 
KanDuu covers you, so you CAN DO everything you want in life with no hesitations.

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