August 20, 2019

Three Healthy Swaps for Fabulous Beauty Results

There are plenty of beauty tips and products out there that promise better looking skin and hair, and many succeed. However, thousands of these methods could end up doing more harm than good, exposing your body to dangerous chemicals or elements that can really cause damage over time. Swap out these outdated beauty solutions for a more natural alternative that's just as, if not more effective for achieving the look you want.

Use Smarter Skin Products for a Truly Healthy Glow

Spending hours in the sun may give you a gorgeous tan now, but those harmful UV rays can also cause wrinkles, dry skin, dark spots and even skin cancer. Instead, lather up with vanicream sunscreen to protect your precious skin. Then use products like bronzers and self-tanning creams to give your skin the gorgeous glow you crave without the adverse side effects.

Boost Hair Growth Naturally

There are plenty of shampoos and scalp treatments that promise to help stop hair loss and even reverse it. But many of these aren't very effective and contain sulfates, parabens and silicones, which aren't good for your hair or your body. Instead, use organic castor oil to boost hair growth on your scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes. Many people swear by its amazing results. It's also a super inexpensive purchase that will last a long time.

Fight Foot Fungus for Sandal-Ready Toes

Whether it's on your skin or your nails, foot fungus can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. Many topical creams and treatments may help alleviate some symptoms but rarely cure the problem and contain dozens of chemicals. Instead, soak your feet regularly in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water. Treat affected areas with tea tree oil. Exfoliate, keep nails trimmed short and moisturize with organic, cold-pressed coconut oil. Skip the nail polish to let your nails get the oxygen they need, and to make sure they absorb the treatments well.

These simple swaps can leave you feeling better about choosing more natural solutions to your beauty problems. The healthier option just might be more effective and give you the best results.

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