August 14, 2019

Making Your Home Look Like a French Chateau

If you're a francophile at heart, you've probably spent time dreaming of what it would be like living in Paris or the South of France. It's true, French style is unlike any other. Its timeless style will always be classic. If you can't spend every summer in Provence, you can certainly replicate the French lifestyle in your very own home.

Finding French Furniture

In French culture, food is to be savored and every morsel enjoyed. Spending time in the kitchen preparing delectable meals is very French. To make the experience even more authentic, French kitchen furniture is a beautiful way to celebrate that lifestyle. Finding a lovely table or French style storage cabinet can make the look complete.

French Inspired Decor

Turning your home into your own personal chateau is a lot of fun with just the right decor. Accessorize with French tea towels, pillows, bedding and draperies. Select artwork that shows just where your heart is whether it be the Eiffel Tower, a cafe in Montmartre or lavender bending in the breeze.

Lavender and Honey

Lavender is an unmistakably French fragrance. The smell of lavender throughout your home is reminiscent of seas of lavender in the warm summer sun. Accomplish this with dried lavender in a vase, or strategically placed sachets or soaps. Honey made from lavender is sold all over France and a jar would look delightful in your kitchen.

Select French Wines

Show off your affinity for wine with a few well-placed bottles of French wine. A delicious Bordeaux or Cotes du Rhone are some of the best in the world. Your guests will be thoroughly impressed with your selection. A pretty wine rack can showcase your bottles.

Your French Home

Even if you can't be in France, you can duplicate the look in your house. French pieces for any room and accents will make your home look unique and so very French.

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