May 27, 2017

The City's Local Pizza Is Now In CDO!

Home of the famous MADCOW pizza!
"It packs heat, serious heat!"
Have you heard about Pizzarella? Personally, I have heard it when I was still in Iligan and was able to taste it and I can truly say that they make the best pizza in town!

Pizarella is situated in the heart of Iligan City and was opened 5 years ago (April 2012) by the Portado siblings which started from a simple dream (+ prayers) that made it eventually into a reality!

With their faith and hard-works, they are now able to provide their diners with finely crafted pizzas, using the freshest ingredients from the local vendors. Pizzarela's are offering a savory Italian and Filipino recipes inspired out from their own kitchen recipes.

Yesterday, (May 26, 2017) a rustic-inspired yet with contemporary cozy sensitivity Pizzarella opens their 4th stores in Corrales St., Cagayan de Oro (2 in Iligan and 2 in CDO). Now, they are hoping to open more soon!

Thank you Iliganons for sharing your mouth-watering pizza products to all Kagay-anons! 

Now, that I have tried it for the second time around, rest assured that as a customer I will return time and time again because every meal that I had is unforgettable, every bite that I had is exquisite and the over-all experience that I had is legendary!

Enjoying the best pizza in town with my co-CDO bloggers!
This pizza is worth recommended for not just in Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, but the entire Philippines as well!

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