February 4, 2017

Kelly Rowland on her Son Going Through 'Challenging Twos'

It seems like yesterday when Kelly Rowland posted that photo of two Jordan shoes, one for her husband, Tim Weatherspoon, and one for their little boy that was yet to be born at that time. Now, little Titan just turned 2 in November. Time flies! 

Kelly said, during an interview with PEOPLE Now that she wouldn’t call this phase in her son’s life the “terrible twos” so much. Terrible two is a stage we commonly know where toddlers start to struggle between their desire for independence versus their reliability to their parents. One minute, a toddler can be overly clingy, next thing you know, he or she's already running and ignoring you completely. 

When asked about her experience, Kelly said: “I’m gonna call it the challenging twos — the ‘I’m coming into my own because I’m realizing I’m not next to Mommy all the time’ twos. It’s definitely a challenge — he’s discovering what his boundaries are and we’re letting him know what ours [are]. “ 
The singer and former Destiny’s Child member confessed that Titan has quite the personality already, describing him as a “strong-willed little boy.” She added that like most toddlers, Titan is also into everything and would give her sister a challenging time. But of course, being a mother that she is, Kelly concluded: “So yeah, he’s a tough one. I love him.” That’s really sweet! I’m pretty sure Titan will get through this challenging phase one day, just like all toddlers do.

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