March 28, 2013

Summer Bonding # 1

The Summer heat is On! My family just had our first summer outing for 2013 at Misamis Occidental last March 16-17, 2013 to give a birthday bash for our beautiful Yoyang.  This was actually an unplanned visit at my Aunt's fish pond with our kiddos before going back here in CDO, gave them a chance to experience such because it was their first time. They enjoyed much in their boatings with cousins as well as feeding the thousands of fish. Look at our Ate Danielle who's enjoying the doctor fish in her fish spa. :)

Well, no one could ever replace the life in a rural areas~ the fresh air, the fresh foods and fruits and everything! The place is so calm and that you just wanted to rest the whole day away from stress. But during this escaped, we only devoted two-three hours only because we need to be back home and that we made promised that we will be back the soonest to really enjoy the place.

Along the way back home, we decided to have a peek on the upcoming International Airport that our province has to offer. Indeed, it was really nice yet it's too far from the city. Watch out for the full operations on April 30, 2013.

Just enjoying the afternoon bonding with my family...

Keep posted for our next Summer Escape/Bonding. :)

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