September 26, 2011

Who Needs Counsel?

What kind of counsel? If it involves Nutritional counseling then I must say I need it! Yeah, I think I'm kinda alarmed of what I'm eating before and even nowadays because at an early age of 30 (I guess) I'm feeling the symptoms already of a not so healthy body. Whew! I can't get over eating salty foods, drinking more colas/soft drinks, less water and a picky eater of veggies. I guess I need to detoxify my body and try this what I've heard about nutritionist austin programs that they're offering:
  • Learning how to run a 5K race
  • Enhancing an ultra-endurance run
  • Improving power lifting strength
  • Seeking more energy to keep up with children
I hope it will really work out on me so I could stay longer in this world. :)

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