September 22, 2011

Wall Decorations for the Kid’s Room

Vibrant colours are always the order of the day whenever we think and plan of decorating the walls of our kids’ rooms. Be it known cartoon characters or action figures, decorators or parents should always take into consideration the theme or the colour palette before heading on and designing those walls.

Kids are always encouraged to be creative and spontaneous so I think it’s best to leave most of their walls bare, such that, they will be encouraged to pump up those creative juices and come up with designs or ideas totally of their own. I know that it will sometimes be difficult for mothers to see their kids’ walls painted and written all over with scribbles so the best way is to strike a balance. Professional or well thought-of artwork may be limited to a wall or two thus giving ample space for the kids to be as creative as they would want to be. Of course, this will be a different matter for kids a little older (teens and tweens) with their own specific preferences, like pop icons for instance. Wall decals can always be an alternative to wall paints. Decalcomania has been a rave since late 19th century and has gone a long way from just being the peel-and-stick variety. But don’t too get carried away with splurging much on your kids’ wall decorations since it’s just a matter of time before their fascination with anything cute will soon wean.

Others would prefer to accessorize their kids’ walls with something useful and functional. Shelves could always come handy as it can be used either to store books or just a place to display their trinkets and what-not’s. Be careful though in choosing the ideal location for those shelves. I strongly suggest to hang or to install those not directly above or beside their beds to avoid any accidents. I mean, who would want to be knocked down with anything hanging by your bed?

There are a lot of wall décor choices, pattern ideas, materials, and substitutes to choose from. It can get a little bit crazy with all the excitement and endless possibilities, but the first thing to do, I guess is to sit with your kids and try to get to have a feel of what their interests are. After all, this could also be a perfect time for parents to spend quality but fun time with their kids.

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