April 7, 2011

Shocking News

I was so shocked upon receiving the news from our relatives that our cousin was confined in the hospital the other night. I heard from his mother that he was just experiencing headache and that when they reached the hospital he already got a dilated pupils. A thorough examination was being done and thanks God there were no signs of brain tumor or any cerebral aneurysm that happened. His neurologist suspected that it is neuritis- an inflammation of the optic nerve. Still, we are waiting for his doc to advice them for another set of examination to be done. Anyway, hope and pray that everything will be all right and that he will have a fast recovery upon what he is experiencing now.

Another bad news that I read from the net...that a pregnant woman who is an epileptic was being given prescription by her doctor of this anti-convulsant named Topamax. Guess what this medicine can bring and effect to the child and bring a dangerous side effect: result in cleft lip or cleft palate – birth defects that occur when the lip or palate fails to completely fuse together. The defect can result in a small, notched lip or in extreme cases, an open groove that extends from the roof of the mouth to the nose. Well if you know someone who had the same experience with her, Topamax lawsuit is there to help you handle even the most complex products liability claims.

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