April 12, 2011

She Made It!

Just last month, we received good news coming from the PRC that one of my cousins who took the Nursing Licensure Exam had made it. In other words, she is now a registered nurse and we thank God for it! After all the long and hard work during her studies, it was all worth it upon knowing the result.

Now, she’s having I.V. training (Intra-Venus) but after this, she will apply for work in one of the tertiary hospitals in our city. As part of her preparation, she’s currently canvassing for affordable medical scrubs and that buying scrubs online is a good opt for her. Besides the fact that we have a few scrub stores here in our city, time and effort plus the money will be saved if she’ll have to do it online.

Excited as she is to start for her first working experience so soon! Hope she will enjoy her chosen path as a Registered Nurse. Once again, Congratulations Mai for making it in just one take of your NLE!
We are so proud of you!


Karen Chayne said...

wow congrats to your cousin sis! :)

Ricademus said...

Your cousin must have worked very hard. Congratualtions to her!