April 23, 2011

It's Been 2 Weeks

These are just one of the many medicines that I have to take in everyday..ggggrrrr...Aside from my prenatal vitamins (Folic Acid, Hemarrate FA and Calciumade), I need to have my Ventolin Expectorant for my cough, Nasathera for my colds plus I need to drink plenty of fluids that is why I preferred a lemon juice beside me. That pic above was taken during office hours last week. Too bad, until now the hassles for my cough and colds is still there. I even tried to nebulize myself just to experience relief, but still to no effect. :(

God help me to recover this situation that I'm into right now. I don't want to experience a pre-term delivery for my baby Joshua. Hope this will end so soon that I will be able to deliver him on the day intended for him.

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